Month: July 2021

Oscillating between Globalization and Self-reliance, Horasis India Meeting 2021

The Indian Government plans for Self-Reliance to build a $5 trillion economy across its infrastructures, manufacturing and supply chains. It looks to rapid internal development, globalization and open markets. How to sustain this energy across all the states struck by COVID? What new outlooks are needed to re-skill the workforce as firms grasp new technologies? […]

Longer lines for food aid as desperation gets worse

KLANG – One would have never thought that there would come a time when starvation and malnutrition would be widespread in Malaysia. However, the poor management of the Covid-19 pandemic and lack of imagination in repairing the economy have brought thousands of Malaysians to their knees – where providing just three square meals a day for their families has […]

‘Business leaders must speak up or watch Malaysia fall’

Published by The Vibes KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia’s business leaders must stand up and voice out against the wrongs in the country if they want to see changes from the administration, said industrialist and philanthropist Datuk (Dr) Vinod Sekhar. The PETRA Group chairman and chief executive made the clarion call as business leaders have strong influence […]

PETRA Group invests in award-winning DASH hotel chain owner Riyaz Hotels & Resorts

Published by The Vibes KUALA LUMPUR – PETRA Riyaz will now operate a range of lifestyle-oriented hospitality brands, each exclusively crafted for a niche customer base – contemporary, premium or luxury travellers. The brands under the company include The Riyaz, dash, The Pure, Altara, and Tan’Yaa. This is following the completion of the acquisition by the […]

Using Covid-19 numbers to subvert democracy unacceptable: Vinod Sekhar

Published by The Vibes KUALA LUMPUR – The current situation in the country is untenable, with the emergency and movement control order (MCO) failing to address the pandemic. PETRA Group chairman and chief executive Datuk (Dr) Vinod Sekhar said the economy has deteriorated and the health system is under pressure since the start of the emergency. “We went […]

Former AG, ex-Parliament speaker to feature in webinar on emergency

Published by The Vibes KUALA LUMPUR – Research and advocacy organisation Sekhar Institute and news portal The Vibes will hold a webinar on the emergency, which will, among others, discuss the issues involved in lifting the order and restoring democracy and the rule of law in Malaysia. Titled “Emergency, Democracy and the Rule of Law”, the webinar […]