Month: March 2022

‘Incumbent on economic leaders to play their part in poverty eradication’

Published by The Vibes Economic predicaments are opportunities for innovative solutions, opines PETRA Group chairman KUALA LUMPUR – PETRA Group Chairman Datuk (Dr) Vinod Sekhar urges economic leaders to play their role in uplifting communities out of poverty, given businesses are heavily reliant on society to earn their income. In his virtual keynote address at The Economic Times Most Promising […]

Halting slide in tiger numbers

Published by The Star THE Malayan tiger population is rapidly shrinking, with fewer than 150 left in the wild. The Vinod Sekhar Foundation and Persatuan Pelindung Harimau Malaysia (Rimau) have thus come together to highlight the endangered Malayan tiger in conjunction with World Wildlife Day on March 3. Rimau’s goal is to create awareness of […]

Do better: visionaries scrutinise US response to Russia-Ukraine conflict

Published by The Vibes The sanctions it favours could have ‘downstream implications’, says one expert KUALA LUMPUR – The Russia-Ukraine conflict was the focal point of a webinar during the Horasis USA Meeting 2022 on Friday, where panellists agreed that the United States’s response to the crisis will determine its global posturing as the vanguard of […]

Envisioning the Global Role of the USA – Horasis USA Meeting 2022

The American model of democracy and the actions taken over the past decades have laid bare the risks as well as the benefits Americans delivered to the global community that were not questioned in the past. With globalism expanding and multinationalism growing, leadership around the world will forge a new future and one where the […]

Vinod Sekhar Foundation supports Rimau’s efforts to save the Malayan Tiger

Published by The Vibes Rimau both raises awareness to bring an end to poaching and provides Orang Asli communities an alternative livelihood THE Vinod Sekhar Foundation has thrown its weight behind the critical work of Rimau, an NGO dedicated to the preservation of the Malayan Tiger and its dwindling habitat.   The Malayan Tiger, found only in Peninsular […]

Yayasan Vinod Sekhar Sumbang Dana RM1 Juta Bendung Kepupusan Harimau Malaya

Published by Getaran KUALA LUMPUR – Pemburuan haram secara berleluasa di negara ini menjadi faktor utama menyebabkan Harimau Malaya semakin pupus apabila kumpulan terakhir spesis haiwan itu kini dilaporkan hanya kira-kira 150 ekor. Lebih membimbangkan apabila jumlah haiwan itu yang direkodkan sebanyak 3,000 ekor pada 1950-an, berisiko pupus dalam hanya lima tahun jika tiada tindakan […]

Stand up and save our national symbol

Published by New Straits Times KUALA LUMPUR: All Malaysians should stand up to conserve the Malayan tiger, all the more as it is our national symbol and a key part the federation’s emblem, said a philanthropist. Petra Group chairman and chief executive Datuk Vinod Sekhar said Malaysians of all levels ought to take stock with more […]