Envisioning the Global Role of the USA – Horasis USA Meeting 2022

The American model of democracy and the actions taken over the past decades have laid bare the risks as well as the benefits Americans delivered to the global community that were not questioned in the past. With globalism expanding and multinationalism growing, leadership around the world will forge a new future and one where the USA may play a different role – especially considering the Russian invasion of Ukraine. What role will the United States play on the world’s stage, and what’s the logic used to generate a new vision of the future?

• Lisa Edwards, President and Chief Operating Officer, Diligent Corporation, USA

• Kris Gopalakrishnan, Chairman, Axilor Ventures, India

• Vinod Sekhar, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer, Petra Group, Malaysia

• Michael Shvo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SHVO, USA

Chaired by

• Axel Threlfall, Editor-at-Large, Reuters, United Kingdom

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