PETRA Group’s sustainable innovative solutions wins Infrastructure Technology – Conglomerates award in Malaysia TEA

Published by Singapore Business Review

One of the fastest-growing conglomerates in Malaysia takes a big leap to redesign operations by putting people first and sustainability at the forefront.

The PETRA Group emerged as one of the frontrunners in the recently concluded Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards for its diversified global conglomerate that embraces innovation and transformative technologies to build sustainable businesses that apply the concept of Social Capitalism – where businesses are run profitably whilst ensuring sustainable wealth creation for the betterment of all.

Presented by Singapore Business Review, the awards programme recognises exceptional companies who are leading the digital journeys of their respective industries in Malaysia’s fast-growing economy.

The PETRA Group is a global conglomerate that focuses on sustainable solutions, green technologies, and innovation toward enhancing society. 

Focused on “solutions for humanity”, PETRA underscores that sustainability is not just about being green, environmentally friendly or having good governance, but it is about holistically using technological solutions for poverty eradication and uplifting society to achieve sustainable wealth creation.  PETRA believes that if companies do not uplift society, there will be no market for businesses to operate in and no profits to be made.

Addressing one of the world’s biggest environmental hazards, the group has launched an innovative waste tire recycling proprietary technology known as Green Rubber through its revolutionary DeLink technology. With waste tires filling dumpsites around the world by the billions annually, this technology helps to in breaking down the molecular structure of used rubber, enabling it to be recycled rather than put into landfills or burnt.

On the other hand, the company’s modular technology business is also changing the way that homes are built. PETRA Eco-Build, with manufacturing centres in the UK, Australia and Malaysia, builds high quality, affordable, and versatile housing using modular building technology that combines modular building system designs with game-changing proprietary IP for different types of multi-unit housing accommodation that comply with the stringent building standards and regulations of various jurisdictions.

The modular construction method is up to 50% more efficient with savings on energy and resources compared to the conventional construction method. Building offsite in a factory-discipline environment ensures controlled construction, quality management and minimal material wastage with less pollution compared to onsite construction.

The PETRA Group also pioneered PETRA Mobilia, its furniture manufacturing arm, dedicated towards sustainable production of furniture by using the latest innovative technology whereby many components are produced with recycled compound materials from sustainably grown timber sources. 

Meanwhile, PETRA Transit Systems offers monorail solutions that are economical, reliable, and provide sustainable solutions for cities facing the challenge of meeting their ever-growing commuting needs.

As for digital infrastructure, the company started PETRA Digital wherein it focuses on building apps for various businesses as well as disrupting existing sectors by offering digital solutions to their consumers. This is part of the amplification of their outreach and connectivity to their customers through a data-driven approach.

Committed to promoting the concept of social capitalism globally, PETRA Group continues to revolutionise the digital infrastructure, innovation, and technology industry—leading the way for a more sustainable future for all.


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