Month: May 2022

‘It’s chess, not checkers with the global economy’

Business leaders at Horasis International Digital Meeting advise strategic approach to recovery  Published by The Vibes KUALA LUMPUR – When anticipating what is to come for the global economy, businesses must analyse the situation like a game of chess. Business leaders speaking at the Horasis International Digital Meeting’s plenary session on The Global Economic Outlook on […]

Welcome and Overview – Horasis Global Meeting 2022

Horasis and Petra Group welcome participants to the Sixth Horasis Global Meeting. Members of the Horasis Visions Community will join hands political, business and thought leaders across the world to shape the world’s agenda to foster greater shared humanity. How are we going to implement transformative change post-COVID to foster the sharing community? • Frank-Jürgen […]

Be selfish and solve the world’s issues

Published by The Vibes Turn negative trait of merely making money into something positive, Horasis Meeting hears KUALA LUMPUR – The scorned character named “selfishness” can be given power by businesses to solve world issues when used correctly through social capitalism. Co-chair of the Horasis Global Meeting, Datuk (Dr) Vinod Sekhar explained that this “negative” trait can […]

Embracing Social Capitalism – Horasis Global Meeting 2022

The COVID pandemic and the Ukraine conflict revealed shortcomings of capitalism. Capitalism can be redesigned if the whole world agrees, to be more socially oriented and inclusive. How to ensure that markets grow for the benefit of all – supporting the environment and social responsibility? How can business and political leaders undertake this reorientation and […]

The Global Economic Outlook – Horasis Global Meeting 2022

The past year has seen unprecedented changes in the world – but the global GDP was expected to rise slowly as we overcame COVID and eased trade conflicts. But in February that changed with the Russian incursion into the Ukraine. What deep divisions need to be eased and managed? Might it be possible to look […]

PETRA Group’s win at the Malaysian Technology Excellence Awards 2022

PETRA Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Datuk (Dr) Vinod Sekhar shares his thoughts in this interview with Singapore Business Review following PETRA Group’s win at the Malaysian Technology Excellence Awards 2022 in the ‘Infrastructure Technology – Conglomerates’ category. #PETRAGroup #socialcapitalism #sustainability #SBRMalaysiaAwards #MYTechExcellenceAwards